February 21, 2008

Welcome to my site. If this is your first time visiting, please click on the contact page link to register for email updates about upcoming concerts, clinics, and other news and important info. Thanks again for stopping by.

The NEW CD is under way as we speak. I have changed musical directions since my last news update. I woke up one day the past November and I decided I wanted to head in a different musical direction. So I got together with keyboardist/producer Michael Whittaker and we started writing some great new material. We are co-producing the project together and are in the middle of completing the first 5 tracks. I hope to have some samples posted to my MySpace page in April or May of this year. Please check back often for updates about the new CD...

The BIG News, I will be launching an online video guitar lesson website. I have had so many requests to talk about my different styles of playing, I decided to dive into this in a major way. I will start shooting the video guitar lesson over the summer and I am hoping for a November/December 2008 launch. I will post more news as we get closer to the launch date. The website address is, LearnToPlayJazzGuitar.com We will cover most styles of guitar playing on the new site. Thanks to all who wouldn't give up and kept "hounding" me to do this. You are all the best!

Have a great week.